"The FiddleStix Duet" - Feb 18, 2018 Family Day Weekend @ Mohawk OLG Casino/Raceway

VegasNorth Entertainment is proud to announce our new 2018 events and headliner shows featuring some truly amazing entertainers and bands.

Looking for something to do this Family Day Weekend?

Come out and enjoy a fun night at Mohawk OLG Casino/Raceway in Milton, ON on Feb 18 with "The FiddleStix Duet" - a modern Celtic fiddle group that plays all the favourites from many genres.

The Frank & Dean Show

Mohawk OLG Casino/Raceway is a wonderful, warm venue and although you will hear their music throughout the casino, you can come say hi to "The FiddleStix Duet" at Oscar's Lounge staging area. 8 pm - Midnight.

For more info - https://www.vegasnorth.ca/upcoming-events