"Tribute to Neil Diamond" A New VegasNorth Headliner Show

An exciting, must-see live tribute performance that hands-down personifies and delivers the look, the sound, the moves and the music of icon Neil Diamond.

(Will Chalmers)

Enhanced by the voice, costuming, the VegasNorth show band, humour and stories behind the songs, audience participation and music spanning almost 60 years of hits, this show creates a sight and sound experience that transports delighted

Neil Diamond fans, old and young, down memory lane!

We were excited to open this show a The OldMill Toronto on April 13 to a great crowd who were up dancing and singing all evening,

If interested in booking this, or any VegasNorth show/entertainer or band, contact us at info@vegasnorth.ca and we will be glad to help make your event or show special with an added touch of class.